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  • Mr & Mrs Andrade from BRESIL

Mr & Mrs Andrade from BRESIL

Dear Philippe and Christophe, Once again our stay in Paris was fantastic. Not only because we ended up staying in the “JASMIN” , our favorite apartment, but also due to a number of things, especially the extraordinary , friendly and personable service. Even being our sixth time in Île Saint Louis you managed to surprise us and spoil us with little treats. We have already had the opportunity to give you our testimonial, informally, and also to our friends and family. Usually we Brazilians are reluctant to rent an apartment instead of staying in hotels when travelling, because often we don´t really know what to expect. In our case, cleanness has always been a major concern. Because of that, we have many times ended up staying in small over-priced hotel rooms. In these almost three years renting from you guys at “Guest Apartment” we have always gotten spacious, cozy, well-equipped and especially clean apartments. We can´t forget to mention your close attention to little things like the quality of the bed linens, towels and equipments in the apartment. We´d like to thank, once again, your kind reception and all the attention that was given to us. Sincerely ,Virginia e Wilson

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