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  • Mr & Mrs Broaddus from USA

Mr & Mrs Broaddus from USA

Bonjour- Thank you for the follow-up. We had a most splendid visit, much due to the comfort of the apartment but especially due to your services. Thomas was such a help to us and we appreciate all the efforts made on our behalf by all to secure reservations and make recommendations, etc. and to welcoming us to your neighborhood. We have much more to explore in Paris, I'm sure. But what we did experience left us looking forward to returning as soon as possible and keen to do some French language studies! The restaurants were all wonderful experiences and we'll look to return to each of them when next we visit. We're hoping to be able to commit to an October trip again for 2010 and we'll check with you as soon as we can about availabilities for apartments. Thank you again for your hospitality and attention – Merci beaucoup! Melissa & John Broaddus

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