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  • Mr & Mrs Carlson from USA

Mr & Mrs Carlson from USA

Bonjour Christophe, and Philip- To begin let me say that I am one of the most particular people in the world especially of hotel and restaurant services. Dealing with all of you in the office, over the phone and internet was so professional and pleasurable. Your business delivered above expectations. Now for the apartment it was a jewel! The color scheme was even one of my favorite. The layout and functionality was great. The complex was so nice and quiet. On top of that you supplied it with all of the necessary things. We so appreciated your help on directing us to the antique shops etc. and the restaurant that you booked for us was over the top. A true luxury was your booking and implementing the driving service! When they took us to the restaurant and around Paris at night I felt like a modern day Marie Antoinette albeit much older than she. At our age after having taken our children to Paris and seeing every monument and every section of the Louvre this last trip to Paris was perfect but mainly because of you all. Merci, Teresa and John Carlson.

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