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  • Mr & Mrs Carter from AUSTRALIA

Mr & Mrs Carter from AUSTRALIA

Too Good To Be True Nobody does more research before they go on a holiday than me – nobody!This was particularly so when we decided to book an apartment in Paris as we usually stay in hotels. During my research I chanced across ‘Guest Apartment Services’ and was sceptical that what they were offering was ‘too good to be true’ and perhaps it might be a scam.( When you are coming all the way from Australia you cant afford to make mistakes) After searching myself to near exhaustion I couldn’t find anything to confirm my suspicions so I took a long, deep breath and made the booking. Well the rest is history. We stayed in the most amazing apartment, CAMELIA, right in the middle of Paris which set us up for a fantastic stay. As for the service from Guest Apartment Services – everything you read in all the other testimonials is true; everything, they are sensational. Thank you Philippe and Christophe for providing such a great service. Peter and Shelley.Perth, Western Australia.

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