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  • Mr & Mrs Emch from USA

Mr & Mrs Emch from USA

I must tell you that after staying in Paris off and on for 18 years,we have found the perfect place to stay, I just wish we had found you sooner.such professional and caring service we could never imagine. My daughter has been a nurse for 30 years and many of the Doctors have already inquired about our stay over there and she gave them your web site and other information I gave her.I will tell everyone I can about your great company and service,I also have 30 years of cosmetic customers that ask me where to go and where to stay in Europe and you are number 1 on my recommendations. It was our best stay ever, it had all the comforts of our home except it was in the greatest city in all the world. Please give Philippe our best regards and thanks for helping us and giving us his all.He is the best!! Sincerely, Richard and Marcia Emch


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