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  • Mr & Mrs Garvey

Mr & Mrs Garvey

Thank you for this final checkout information, and most of all, thanks to the entire staff for a wonderful holiday in beautiful Paris.  My husband Peter and I enjoyed everything about our stay on the Ile St-Louis, and appreciate all you do to make each of your guests so welcome and comfortable.  One of the aspects we appreciate most is knowing from the moment we step off the plane in France that everything is under control.  Check-in will go smoothly, the apartment and its amenities will be exactly what the guest is expecting, and there will be no unpleasant surprises.  Any unforeseen glitch will be quickly investigated and remedied.  It just gives guests such wonderful peace of mind.  This was our second time as a guest of your company, and it certainly won’t be the last.  Busy as you all are, you even think of the small things to help your guests:  Cristophe wrote back to us, after we said we would come from the airport by RER or Metro, to let us know which stations would be closest to our destination.  Much appreciated!

We did have that one problem with wi fi access, which apparently was partly due to Samsung’s encryption coding in my tablet.  Although it was never remedied, we had no concerns, since you kindly gave us access to your office “guest log-in”, which served the purpose well.  I would like to commend your technician, Jean-Paul,  for his dedication in trying to solve the mystery.

Liliane, we made good use of your recommendations for restaurants in the area, and had some excellent meals on the Ile St-Louis.  There is one other you told us about which we didn’t have an opportunity to try, but it’s on our list for our next visit.

Une fois encore, merci beaucoup a toute l’equipe pour une visite vraiment mémorable. Warm regards, Eileen Garvey

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