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  • Mr & Mrs Henricks

Mr & Mrs Henricks

Bonjour Philippe et Christophe, We can't thank you enough for all you did to make our stay in Paris so pleasant. From the flowers on our arrival to the floral arrangement for my birthday, your kind gestures made us feel very special. Thank you for all the things you did to help us too. We appreciated the last minute taxis, the floor repair, the advice about the shower, and all the help planning our celebrations. L'Orangerie was the perfect place for our June 28 party and they did a truly amazing job. The food was outstanding and the service was extraordinary. Please tell them I'm still dreaming of the marvelous mushroom ravioli with truffles. I miss many things about Paris and look forward to coming back. I would be happy to stay with Guest Apartment Services again. Take care and enjoy "The City of Light" for us. Warmly, Joan Henricks

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