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  • Mr & Mrs Laffite from USA

Mr & Mrs Laffite from USA

REVIEW PUBLISHED IN TRIP ADVISOR WEBISTE IN JANUARY 2011 : My husband and I were in Paris Nov 18-26 and although it was our 3rd trip in 2 years, it was the first time we stayed in an apt. We stayed in a one bedroom on the Ile Saint Louis on the Rue des Deux Pont. It was on the first floor (french) with a lift.…lilas.html From all the good reviews of this agency I really felt it would be a good experience-well it was really great. We opted for an apt so we'd have more room and wouldn't be tripping over each other and our things. We had the driver the agency arranged pick us up at the airport, he was there waiting for us, took us to the rental office (right there on the Isle St Louis) where we made our final payment (via credit card), got the keys,The driver (Vincent-a good guy) took our luggage up. We got there at 11AM and they let us right in the apt (as no one had stayed there the night before). A few minutes later, one of the gentlemen from the apt office arrives and explains the workings,etc. The place was spotless and looked even better than the online photos. The street is a bit busy during the day but quiet enough at night. The bathroom was large, had two vanities and a towel warmer. The appliances seemed very new, the bed was a comfy queen with nice linens. Everything was there, dish soap, clean fluffy towels (maid service comes in half way through your stay-which was 7 nights- to spruce up), bath items, etc. They provide everything but laundry soap. The one time we had a slight problem (commode ran one night-nothing desperate) we simply left a message on the rental office answering machine and they came in and fixed it when we were out to breakfast. They had wireless internet, but I was on 3G for my ipad and didn't use it. They had a couple movies which we enjoyed the evenings we were tired and stayed in to snack and drink wine. Visited the office one day to arrange a two hour night tour with the driver (Vincent) as it was very cold that night but we wanted to get out. He did a great job taking us every where (or so it seemed). You could just stop in the office, get some advice, reservation or they'll call a taxi if you want. I can't say enough good things about this rental company . The apt. was the same price a hotel on the Ile would have cost us. There was a bus stop (line 67 I think-it had Louve and Pigalle and I forget what else written on it) directly across from our building. We could get to any place, on & off the island, by foot mainly. Though we took a few cabs if it was cold or we were tired. It is the only time my husband wanted to do the shopping for provisions. You could walk to Nicholas (good wine store), a little fruit market (where they make you freshly squeezed OJ in a squeezing machine), bread shop, cheese shop and a little bitty grocery store all in a block or two of our apt. I shopped the boutiques and found Olivers & Co. where we bought white truffle oil and truffle salt. It is fantastic with some good bread. Just put a little truffle salt on one part of a plate and some truffle on another part of your dipping plate. Just dip your piece of bread in the salt and then oil. I was craving it when I got back and ordered some white truffle oil from Sur La Table upon returning home(I packed the salt) . It was so nice if we had a good size lunch to just snack at home in the evening. We ate dinners on the island, Le Fin, Sorza, etc. The apt had a binder with suggestions (on & off island) to eat and shop,etc. Someone on TripAdvisor had written a "wish list" of picking out an apt. I followed his advice. Such as, bedroom lofts can have uncomfortable beds which can be low to the floor and the celing height can be uncomfortable for tall people, choose an apt with a lift keeping in mind you might use the stairs if the lift is out of service anytime during your visit, Things like that, which was so helpful. We got up early and walked and walked and walked all over. Decided to skip the Louve this visit and see things we missed the last 2 visits. Went to the bird market on Sunday by Notre Dame (a very rainy day it was ) which was very pleasant. Visited the Pantheon and Cluny. Revisited the Rodin (we love that place). There was a lot of wandering going on with a vague itinerary. Wanted to do the boat ride again, weather just wasn't cooperating for us. On the street we were staying(Deux Ponts) there was a restaurant where my husband would go for a beer (or 2) and sit at the bar where a couple of young employees were gracious enough to help him with his french and let him practice conversing. We called the establish the "Chicken Bar" as it is decorated with a chicken theme. The little shops/resturants were decorating for Christmas the day before we left. You could tell it was going to be lovely. I know many people consider the island as touristry-but I have to say I loved staying there. Once all the "vistors" leave, it is so pleasant. It is quiet and pretty.I would sit in the morning drinking coffee at the table by the window and watch the people opening their shops, arriving on the bus, going about daily life (same routine at night with a glass of wine). Next visit I would stay there again, I would also rent this property again or anything with Guest Apartment services. The only thing I'd do different-not go in November just too cold for us. But fall or spring anytime (by the way the apt had A/C).

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