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  • Mr & Mrs Ralls from USA

Mr & Mrs Ralls from USA

Bonjour Philippe and Christophe, Denise and I want to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip to Paris and that we appreciate your help in making it a wonderful vacation. We found the Ortensia to be very comfortable and conveniently located – we made good use of all the shops in the neighborhood. We had dinner two nights at Le Temps Des Cerises, a small restaurant located just over one block away – it was cozy and friendly. We also liked the St. Regis on Ile St Louis a lot (we had our first meal in Paris there on our last visit) – the Eggs Benedict with Norwegian salmon was worth two trips. We will also return to L'Epouvantail for a dinner. Of course, we visited a number of museums and sites. We look forward to visiting Paris again in the spring or summer so I will be contacting you after we narrow down that time frame a little more. Jusqu'a la prochaine fois (I hope that's right) Howard Ralls

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