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  • Mr & Mrs Weir from USA

Mr & Mrs Weir from USA

Dear Philippe and Christophe Thank you so much for everything. We had a wonderful time in Paris. The apartment was just amazing with its' incredible views and location – it still seems like almost a dream. We really appreciated your help with our stay. Your restaurant recommendations were all excellent and we had several memorable meals. We particularly enjoyed trying your family's wine at Le Fin Gourmet! I usually find Chardonnays to be a bit too heavily oaked but this one was delightful. We also took your suggestion to pick up the paper on the Journees du Patrimoine events and as a result we had a tour of the 'Site des Cordeliers' at the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie. I confess that I could understand less than half of the presentation owing to my basic understanding of French, but it was really special to be able to visit the cloisters and see the architecture and monuments there, which might not normally be available to tourists. When we visit Paris in the future, I hope that we can stay in one of your apartments again, and we will certainly recommend you to our friends. Best wishes,Sharada and Travis.

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