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  • Mrs St John from USA

Mrs St John from USA

Our stay in Paris was a total pleasure. The apartment was so comfortable, so ideally located, our daily forays were a delight. We wanted for nothing and were very grateful for the tips and restaurant guide you provided. Each one we selected was great, none disappointed. We especially appreciated the reservations you made for us on our last night in Paris. It was a really fun celebration and a happy way to end our trip. I've expressed it before but I must tell you that the service the agency provided was impeccable. I am definitely a fan! Friends ask about the trip, see our photos, and always ask how I found such a great apartment. Please know that I sing the praises of Guest Apartment Services to each of them. Hopefully they will get to experience Paris in the same way. As for me, I hope to return to your beautiful city and when I do I will definitely work with your company again! Thank you all for making our visit such a joy! Warm regards, Carol

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