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  • Mrs Crane from USA

Mrs Crane from USA

Bonjour Philippe and Christophe!!! We had a wonderful, exciting and adventurous time in Paris. Our trip could not have been better! It was truly wonderful to come "home" at the end of the day after exploring your exquisite city and nestle down in our comfortable beds with a good book before falling asleep from exhaustion. We were so well located that we walked or used the subway to get every where we wanted to go! The apartment was very comfortable and having the second bathroom and the well equipped kitchen was great!! The kitchen allowed us to eat "at home" on a couple of evenings. It was nice to have the fresh linens half way through our trip …. it was much appreciated. Thank you for helping us to organize our arrivals and departures and Vincent and team were super! Both Kate and I feel that we got a sense of what it would be like to live in Paris and if we should we ever get back to your wonderful city we will definitely be in touch. It was so nice to know that we had access to you and the office in case of need. Thank you for all of your kindness,Donna Crane.

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