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  • Mrs Harack & Mr Kahan, USA

Mrs Harack & Mr Kahan, USA

Bonjour, Philippe et Christophe, Thank you for your note.  Our flight back was uneventful, thank goodness, and we are pleased that you found the apartment in good condition. We wanted to thank you once again for the excellent facilities and service.  In our experience, Guest Apartments provides the very best rental service for Paris vacations.  The apartments we have stayed in are high quality with respect to decor and convenience.  The personal attention of your staff has been extraordinary.  Guest Apartments combines the intimacy of a private apartment with the service excellence of a fine hotel when needed.  Even now, we are planning the next trip – and it will be longer, I hope! One restaurant that you might wish to add to your list is Le Pre Verre – we enjoyed it very much, along with Benoit, a trip down memory lane!  As predicted, Le Pre Catalan was extraordinary.  Les Bouquinistes was excellent with respect to cuisine, not so good with respect to service, perhaps they were having a bad night. All in all, this was the most relaxing and stimulating vacation we have had for a long time.  Rest assured, we continue to recommend Guest Apartments to our friends and colleagues. A bientot – Joanne Harack and Michael Kahan

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