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  • Mrs Moira Londergan, USA

Mrs Moira Londergan, USA

Bonjour Marie, My sister and I can't thank you, Christopher and the entire Guest Apartments team for such a wonderful visit to the beautiful city of Paris!  We adored our Eglantine apartment which was truly an elegant, prisitine apartment in a gorgeous neighborhood near the Ile St. Louie.  We wished we had a second week in Paris to enjoy it truly!  Your expertise regarding making the most of our visit to Paris was greatly appreciated. All the apartment amenities were wonderful and it was such a quiet, elegant, convenient location too. I would highly recommend Guest Apartments to anyone interested in an elegant, truly Parisienne experience.  If I can be of any assistance in providing a recommendation of your firm or the Eglantine apartment, please don't hesitate to contact me. I appreciate your advising me that you've released the hold on the deposit and will confirm with my credit card company in a week or so. You and your colleagues at Guest Apartments made our visit to Paris a truly memorable experience…it was such a pleasure to live at the Eglantine, if only for a week!  We surely will return to Paris again and call upon you and your team to help us secure an apartment for our next visit! We wish you the very best and thank you so kindly for all you did to make our visit to Paris such a wonderful experience. Best Regards, Moira Londergan

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