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  • Mrs Robyn Webb, USA

Mrs Robyn Webb, USA

Bonjour all!! Here is my review of the Orchid apartment so you may use on your website!! Perfection As Always! Another successful rental from Guest Apartment Services! This year we took our 16 year old niece for her first trip abroad and wanted to be sure to have her experience Paris in a lovely way. We joked with her that most teenager's first experience in Europe is a backpack and a youth hostel; she got a luxurious ride from CDG into Paris and lodged in a former noble house! The Orchid apartment was perfect for our needs as our niece got to have her own beautifully furnished bedroom and her own bathroom. Her bedroom was the one upstairs and it was like her own private oasis. Extremely comfortable with views on the Seine, the set up couldn't have been more perfect for her. We laid our heads downstairs in a stunningly ornate master bedroom; fun to image you are from nobility while sleeping here! The adjoining bright bathroom is most convenient. The kitchen was my favorite so far in Paris. Huge, with gas stoves!! Everything you need to prepare any meal! I always cook a dinner on every trip and the elegant china provided in this apartment was a real treat. The living room and formal dining room are regal without being too stuffy; we found it super comfortable. All in all an apartment with much charm and authentic French flair. The location is perfect.
But of course the best part is dealing with the magnificent staff of Guest Apartment Services! Philippe Pee, Christope Marty,  Liliane, Marie and Margeaux are phenomenal. We only had the pleasure of meeting Christophe Chastel , owner of the company along with Philippe, only once last year, but know that his special vision and commitment to excellence is what makes Guest Apartment Services stand out among the other apartment rental companies! From the moment you book your apartment until the moment you close the apartment door behind you at the end of your stay, Guest Apartment Services is always there for you and will make your stay in Paris the dream vacation you have always wanted! We will see you next year! Merci beacoup! A bientot!

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