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  • Mrs Huth from USA

Mrs Huth from USA

"Home away from home" We stayed at anthirium for two weeks. Guestapartment service is a first class operation. When we arrived their office was busy. They recognized we were tired so instead of having us wait for the paperwork they gave us the keys, told us to rest and come back later for the details of check in. The driver handled our luggage up the 4 flights of stairs. The apartment was bigger and better than I imagined. Modern kitchen w/ washer dryer (I used the clothesline outside on the patio). Firm matress which we prefer. Great shower. The bathtub is heaven for a tired body after sight seeing, as were the very comfortable leather chairs and sofa. Some nights were cold and the wall heaters worked perfectly, some days were hot but the apartment stayed cool. The Ile de St Louis has everything you need. After wandering around Paris I found I really looked forward to coming back to the island and just hanging out there. Can one get used to walking past Notre Dame??? We ate at all the restaraunts on the island and were happy with them all. The corner cafes are quite the hot spot for people watching. This island has retained it's charm, there are no Tshirt shops here. A touch of class. There was no downside to the whole experience. Lovely!!!



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