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  • Mrs Silvia Ferraris, ARGENTINA

Mrs Silvia Ferraris, ARGENTINA

Dear all,Thanks for the wonderful stay, the place was stunning!! lovely and so cozy and Parisian style, just as you promised.I couldn't leave you a note and the flight was a day late, but it didn´t spoil a bit the beautiful days we stayed at your apartment in PARIS, I will recommend it to all my friends and boyfriend colleagues  and mine  and rest assure that I will forever be grateful for giving me just what you promised….and guess a bit more, your kindness and your assistance….I´m already planning a new trip with my daughter in 2010 and just hope I can use your services once more.And thanks for  your prayers regarding the weather….it couldn´t have been more spectacular!!! 9 days in Paris and not a single rainy day!!As I told you before It was not my first time in Paris….but the Isle was just in the middle of everything…and far enough from the center quiet and peaceful and all the useful tips….guess I also gain a few pounds thanks to the ice cream and croissants!!You guys make a wonderful team and had thought of every single detail….so I wish you the best and hope to see again soon….And if you ever need anything down here in Buenos Aires ,pls give me a call and I'll be glad to assist you.Au revoir!! Im planning to write a column in a travel magazine and I'll send you a copy,is the least I can do…and you well deserve it! Saludos cordiales y mil GRACIAS!!Silvia Ferraris ,Carlos Milani, ARGENTINA

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