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  • Mrs Victoria Lustbader from USA

Mrs Victoria Lustbader from USA

Bonjour Christophe!! I am just writing to say au revoir, et a bientot!! — we are safely back home, and am sorry that we didn't get a chance to say good-bye to you and everyone at the office before we left. I wanted to thank you SO SO much for helping to make this stay in Paris as wonderful as it was. Our daughter — [well, she’s actually my cousin, but since nous n’avons pas des enfants, et elle est comme une fille to us, it was just easier to introduce her that way!] — had THE most magical and perfect Parisian experience, including falling in love with a terrific French-Canadian fellow living in Paris depuis quartre ans, who is moving to Geneva in September to work for CERN, and we think she's going to join him!! What could be better! The apartments were perfect, and we can't wait to come back. By the way, dinner at Frenchie was one of the best meals we've ever had anywhere, and we thought for sure it would be the best meal of this trip, but that was until we had lunch at YamT'cha! I promise you, all your hard work getting us that reservation was worth it… We were taken care of like family, had a 3-hour, 7-course lunch, paired with a different tea at every course, and it was without doubt among the 3 best meals, and overall eating experiences, my husband and I have had anywhere in the world. I can't recommend both of those restaurants enough.. And Fontaine de Mars was perfect for our last night. As quintessential Paris, and the food as great as it's ever been. So, thank you again — give our regards to everyone, and we'll be in touch when we're ready to return! Oh — dear friends of ours — The Gellmans — are looking for an apartment in Paris for next spring. I think Susan may have contacted you already. They are wonderful people, and I hope you can find them what they're looking for… Best regards, Victoria

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