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  • Ms Powell from USA

Ms Powell from USA

Just wanted to thank you for making my stay in Hibiscus so memorable. I appreciated your help and concern for detail. I do want to give you a bit of feedback which may help you match future renters to the right apartment. As a woman travelling alone, I really liked the security of the building- a keypad to the outer door, the need to "buzz" someone up you stairs and lastly the need to open the door onto the corridor before you even arrive at the front door. I also loved the bathtub as opposed to just a shower. I had a party and the main room of the apartment easily accommodated 8 guests. The kitchen was very functional and suits anyone who wants to cook as opposed to "nuke" or do a simple pasta. I also loved that the bed was a bit hidden from the main room- it reminded me of primavera..rather than 2 little rooms 1 big with the bed partially tucked away. Again with many thanks, Beth.


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