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  • Nina & Frank Pohl

Nina & Frank Pohl

This is the second year in a row that we have stayed in Eglantine and our third stay in Paris with Guest Apartment Services.  It is wonderful to know that when we are staying in one of their apartments, that everything will be just as described on their site… no unpleasant surprises when we walk in.

Eglantine feels like our home away from home in Paris.  The rooms are spacious and the kitchen is large and well stocked with utensils for making your breakfasts, or when you just don't feel like eating out and want to cook a meal for yourself.  The bakery downstairs is superb, and it only takes a day to get used to fresh warm baguettes every morning.

We are looking forward to our next stay in Eglantine and seeing the friendly, helpful faces of Philippe, Natalia, and Melanie.


Nina & Frank Pohl, San Franciso.

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