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  • Pat and Dan

Pat and Dan

Bonjour, Natalia,

We cannot thank you (and M. Pee and all of the staff) enough for making our stay in Paris – and, especially in the JASMIN. We have returned safely to Rhodes Island, the Ocean State. Upon our return we found that we have a new granddaughter!

The studio was outstanding – very comfortable, beautiful view and great location. From Ile Saint-Louis, which is a great neighborhood – we were able to easily access all of the sites and activities in the city. We saw and experienced the culture, met the people and enjoyed the uniqueness of Paris. Everything that we wanted to do.

It was truly a memorable trip and you had much to do with our very positive feelings about all that we did and people that we met. We will remember the people in Paris as being a happy, friendly group of people. We would most assuredly recommend Guest Apartments to our friends.

Merci beaucoup,
Pat and Dan

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