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  • Patricia Sweeney 

Patricia Sweeney 

Dear Melanie,

As you know, my granddaughter, Emma, age 16, and I, had the very good fortune to spend a week in your “Tulip” apartment, celebrating my 86th birthday.  Words cannot describe the grace with which your organization makes a trip to Paris a fairy tale event. The limousine services, shopping support, attention to detail in understanding and guiding us in making our visit perfect, is beyond perfect.   All our needs, including many we had not anticipated, were met with great style and sensitivity.  

Of course, the apartment, and it’s location added to the pleasure of Paris.  We could step out the front door of the building, sit on a bench overlooking The Seine, and soak up the pleasure of Paris life; shop for fresh fruit, and cheese, croissant, and baguette, and enjoy a leisurely 

breakfast at our dining room table, or dine in a cafe.

The services and accommodations provided by Guest Apartment Services is truly unequaled. We thank you for your very unique support in

making our Paris visit a great success

Thank you,

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