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  • Peter Zimmer

Peter Zimmer

 My wife and I arrived home this past Saturday after 

a really marvelous stay in Paris.The flat at 68, Quai des Orfevres proved 

to be a perfect “nest” for us this past week. The views of the Left Bank

 and along the river were stunning – throughout the day and evening.


 Truly, there is an inviting sense of peace and calm being radiating within

this delightful apartment.


Thank you for getting us settled and welcoming us to this lovely vacation

rental flat.


We will look forward to another trip – hopefully, in the near future – as my

grand daughter informed me that she hopes I will take her with us next trip!


The flat really was perfect and found all the amenities served to make us feel

quite “at home” – a very comfortable, if snug, bedroom – wonderfully 

comfortable bed assuring a good night’s rest each night, a clean and 

neatly arranged bathroom with great water pressure and hot water, a 

kitchen with everything needed to prepare a light supper, and a large salon for

relaxing and visiting with occasional French friends.


Please be sure to let us know of any ideas for additional new flats 

available in Paris……although Mrs. Zimmer and I might surely be tempted 

to just return to Acanthus when we return!


Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noel!




Peter Zimmer

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