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I would like to offer my review of Guest Apartment Services as well.
My husband and I stayed in the Lupin Guest Services apartment along with my parents to celebrate a big milestone. The apartment was located in the heart of the quiet Mireille District and we couldn’t have asked for a better location. We were surrounded by adorable shops, cafes, patisseries and steps away from public transit.
Upon arrival, my mother was initially disappointed by the appearance of the apartment, which she felt did not completely live up to the photos (and I will agree that the furniture was less than luxurious) but my husband, father and I were extremely happy. The apartment was very spacious and charming, and had the character one would long for when visiting such a historic city. The views from both balconies were spectacular! We sat out with baguettes and croissants on more than one occasion and delighted in our gorgeous surroundings – you simply could not ask for a more Parisian atmosphere! Despite some construction just outside our apartment, we found it to be fairly quiet… except for the loud creaking of the wooden floors (they were very loud!). As well, all four of us wished that we had a second bathroom in the apartment which would have allowed for more privacy. We also had a bit of trouble with the laundry machine, but after several tries, were able to (somewhat) figure it out.
Overall, we had a delightful time in this amazing apartment, perfect location and stunning views. I would not hesitate to ignore the creaky floors again in order to return to this adorable apartment filled with Parisian character. A true gem!
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