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  • Mrs Bradbury from USA

Mrs Bradbury from USA

Dear Philippe, I don't know if I will see you before I leave for New York on Saturday, but I cannot leave without telling you how grateful I am to you, and to all the team for all your kindness and support these last weeks. You are professional and efficient in every way, yet never lose the warmth and humor that makes working with you such a personal pleasure. Because of your efforts I have had a wonderful time, and want you to know that your attention to every detail is unique and rare. How reassuring it has been for me to know that everything that needed to be done, was done beautifully. Before I could ask, you and your team thought of it first. I must specifically mention Marie Garcia who makes a charming and knowledgeable addition to the group, the wonderful Christophe Marty who is such a pleasure to work with, and Jean Paul who fixes everything and makes me laugh at the same time. Thank you of course to Lilliane who is always willing to help find solutions to problems. To you my friend, I think you will now be stuck with me. I hope most sincerely that you will not mind making an exception to your "short term rentals only" rule! You took care of me, rescued me, and were a caring friend. You made Paris welcome me again. How can I go anywhere else? Marie explained everything to me, and I will be in touch with her, and with you as well. You have all my contact information, and I will hope for another "miracle" next year. Dear Philippe, I will not forget your kindness to me. Had you not helped me in so many ways, I would not have been able to stay in Paris this year. My most sincere thanks to you. Wishing you a successful season, and a healthy happy year. Amities vrai, Judith

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