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Our Safety Engagements

Our team is fully vaccinated

We take care of Everything, most importantly you.

We are looking forward to seeing you again, in a fully safe environment.

Our commitment to hygiene and sanitation has mobilized our team to strengthen our health safety protocols in our company and private apartments.

We have implemented additional measures, which comply with the latest recommendations in terms of hygiene and sanitation, in order to guarantee the safety of our guests and employees.

The measures implemented cover a wide range of topics, from compliance with best personal protection practices to recommendations for cleaning products, full apartment cleaning procedures and the necessary restriction of the certain range of services offered.

These exceptional health measures are specific to the reception of customers and are subject to change.



Our main actions to prepare your apartment are as follows:

  1. Staff team members of Guest apartment Services Paris wears a mask and gloves for any transfer of material of any kind.
  2. All staff team is trained to respect barrier gestures and make sure to wash their hands as regularly as possible and after any interaction.
  3. Cleaning Staff are individually equipped with disposable masks, gloves and disposable protection shoes.
  4. The cleaning and disinfection protocols have been modified and reinforced with virucidal cleaning products. Use of APESIN Spray F approved COVID-19 disinfectant detergent products.
  5. Strengthening our hygiene and cleaning measures: Deep cleaning of all rooms, bedroom, bathrooms, living room and kitchen, including the door handles, electric switches, remote controls, paying particular attention to every the elements most affected by the hands.
  6. Apartment keys are also disinfected between each client passage.
  7. Systematic change of all home linen and courtesy products available in the room will be systematically changed before re-letting.
  8. The cleaning of linen, towels, work clothes and other clothing is carried out at a temperature adapted to eliminate the Covid-19 This cleaning temperature is a minimum (60 °c) that recommended by the French government. Home linen cleaning is external to the apartment privacy and organized by our professional laundry service.
  9. Change of cleaning products between each room, including microfiber cloths and wipes.
  10. Removal of decorative cushions and bedspread.
  11. Use of Industrial Ozone generator AIRTHEREAL after each client departure and before each rental to optimize disinfection. Virucidal and chemical free.
  12. Each apartment is blocked 24 hours after a departure (subject to apartment availability).


  1. The social distance is required in the hall in front of the access to the reception desk.
  2. Hydro alcoholic gel are installed in common areas for customers.
  3. We regulate the entries in our office to control the number of our guests and collaborators present on the site and to guarantee the respect of the physical distance.
  4. The organization of the flow of the public is managed in order to limit crossings.
  5. We have reviewed the organization of our work and reception areas with the aim of widening the perimeters and possible queues, differentiating the directions of traffic and the use of certain areas by our customers and employees, particularly the sanitary facilities, and the staff flow.
  6. Protective glass surrounds the reception area and reception desks.
  7. Payment by credit card is preferred. The payment terminals have been changed so that the customer inserts his own credit card. The payment terminal is disinfected after each credit card transaction.
  8. We will continue to adapt and take care of our customer relations by favoring courtesy or information phone calls during the stay and by giving access to all our information and advices.

Again, We take care of Everything, most importantly you. We are looking forward to seeing you again, in a fully safe environment.

For more details please consult us at [email protected]