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Paris by night

Le Paradis Latin

Evening Cabaret Tonight ? Located at only 5 minutes from our Welcoming Office, the Paradis Latin shows the most authentic Parisian review on Paris’s rive gauche. Eighteen tables, hundred sets and four hundred costumes, The Paradis Latin offers a spectacle beyond your expectations in a beautiful hall, modernized by Gustave Eiffel in 1889.


You will discover the extravagant and amusing world of a magical garden where joy and good humour reign! Let yourself be carried away by a variety of scenes, full of surprises and cheer! From magic roundabouts, masked balls and musical comedies to the great spectacle of modern ballets in the tradition of Parisian revues, without forgetting the unmissable French cancan! Beautiful, sexy young girls, charming dancers and the most “dandy” master of ceremonies will ensure you enjoy the night of your dreams in the gardens of the Paradis. Sheer madness!

Guest Apartment Services Paris concierge Team would be glad to make your reservation.

Cabaret, Rive Gauche, Paris

28 rue du cardinal Lemoine, 75004 Paris

Le Paradis Latin Website

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